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Laboratory Microscopes

Laboratory Microscopes


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Binocular Microscope 100/107

Microscopio biológico binocular 107

Cabezal inclinado 45° y giratorio 360°
Oculares WF 10x y WF 16x
Enfoque Macro y micro coaxiales
Revólver cuádruple
Objetivos acromáticos antifúngicos 4x, 10x, 40x (R), 100x (R)(I)
Condensador Abbe doble lente y diafragma iris
Platina 130x140 mm pinza para 2 preparaciones
Filtros azul y verde
Iluminación LED regulable

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Polarising microscope, 146p

Microscopio de polarización 146p

Cabezal triocular inclinado 30º y giratorio 360º
Oculares WF10x/22 mm
Revólver cuádruple
Óptica corregida al infinito
Objetivos plano acromáticos 4x, 10x, 40x y 60x
Platina Ø 160 mm
Iluminación Köhler
Condensador Abbe
Diafragmas de campo y apertura
Iluminación halógena con potenciómetro de intensidad
Polarizador y analizador
Lente Bertrand y placas accesorias

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Fluorescence microscope

Microscopio de fluorescencia

Triocular con inclinación regulable 0-40°
Ajuste de distancia interpupilar (50-75 mm) y corrección dióptrica
Óptica corregida a infinito
Revólver Séxtuple
Oculares WF10x/20
Objetivos Plano apo-cromáticos de fluorescencia 4x, 10x, 40x (R), 100x (R) (I) con corrección al infinito

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Binocular Education Stereomicroscope 200

Training stereomicroscope with 45° binocular head, model 200.
Standard magnifications 20x and 40x
2x and 4x objectives in turret
Standard eyepieces: 10x
Macrometric control
Incident and transmitted LED illumination.
Ground glass stage with 95 mm clamps
Black and white stage
Incident and transmitted illumination by 1 W LEDs
Power supply: 100-240VAC 50-60 Hz

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Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope

ZUZI stereomicroscope with trinocular output, one output is for the video camera, it allows obtaining high resolution images by its characteristics:
The trinocular head is 45° inclined and 360° rotatable.
The wide optical zoom range (0.7x to 4.5x) and the WF10x/20 eyepieces with dioptre adjustment in both eyepieces, together with the working distance adjustable in two heights, allow an optimum depth view of objects of various shapes and sizes.
The LED illumination (3 W) with independently adjustable incident and transmitted light and the possibility of exchanging the working platform (translucent, white or black) make it possible to view images in different colours with high contrast.
Equipped with zoom control and focusing controls on both sides.

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Stereomicroscope Binocular 250

This new ZUZI stereo-microscope series 250 is specially designed for teaching and as semi-professional equipment with 45º and 360º binocular head.

Standard magnifications 20x and 40x
Objectives 2x and 4x in turret
Large field eyepieces: 10x WF/20 mm field diameter
Grinding glass plate with tweezers
Black and white stage
Incident illumination and transmitted by LED 1 W

Price €369.05
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Video Eyepiece Camera 5 Mp USB

Eyepiece video camera 5 Mp accessory for microscopes or stereo-microscopes with standard eyepieces 23 mm diameter.
Adapters for 30 mm and 30.5 mm eyepieces
Allows for real-time video viewing and image capture
1/2.2" CMOS sensor
Maximum resolution 5 M pixel
USB 2.0 output
Image analysis software.

Price €726.00
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Video Eyepiece Camera 8 Mp USB

8 megapixel eyepiece video camera for all types of microscopes or stereomicroscopes with standard 23 mm eyepieces.
Adapters for 30 mm and 30.5 mm eyepieces are also provided.
Allows real-time video viewing and image capture.
1/2.5" CMOS sensor.
Maximum resolution of eight megapixels.
USB 2.0 output.
Image analysis software.

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