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Safety and Security

Basic equipment for protection and safety in the laboratory

Equipment and material for protection and safety within the laboratory: chemical, pharmaceutical, healthcare, alimentary, cosmetic and veterinary sectors.

Basics elements to protect the person in a laboratory, such as laboratory robes and protective goggles

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Protective and safety glasses 520

This protection laboratory glasses allows to superimpose the corrective glasses. They have a ventilation system practiced in the lateral protections so that the glasses do not soften. Version without coating (UC) sterilizable. The mount is colorless and the colorless lens UC.

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Protective and safety glasses 568

Economical glasses for essential protection. Light and practical, they weigh only 23 grams and are made of colourless polycarbonate. The lens is colourless and has anti-scratch protection. The temples are adjustable

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Protective and safety glasses 511

Goggles of great protection and wide visual field of blue frame.
Made of anti-allergic material with anti-scratch and antifog treatment.
The lens is ample and colourless.
Excellent protection for laboratories and workplaces.
The temples are adjustable both in length and inclination for better adaptation and comfort.

Price €3.45
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Safety Overlap Glasses, Anti-scratch & Antifogging

These safety spectacles are a basic and excellent protection for laboratories and workplaces. They are very comfortable and lightweight and can be superimposed on prescription spectacles.
Clear lenses with anti-scratch protection.
Wide field of vision with built-in side shields.
Ventilation system: antifogging.
Adjustable temples in length and inclination. Great adaptability.
The glasses have anti-scratch lens protection.
Lightweight: 43 grams

Price €25.11
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White Cotton Coat unisex

Unisex laboratory coat made of 100% cotton with metal button closure, one breast pocket, two side pockets and a rear opening.

Medical or work coat. Work clothes ideal for uniforms in the industrial, laboratory, health care, pharmaceutical, optical, medical and school sectors.

Price €27.23
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Silicone Protector Pot Holder

Glove made of red silicone for the protection of the hands in the processes in which utensils are manipulated to high temperatures.
The rectangular shape of the glove surrounds the container and the external relief facilitates the gripping of the containers.
Heat resistance up to 140 °C. Do not expose to flame or direct fire.
One size

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Silicone Protector Hand Glove

Silicone insulating glove, waterproof and non-slip for a better grip on laboratory instruments, in kitchens, microwaves, among others.
Glove made of blue silicone for processes in which utensils are handled at high temperatures.
Heat resistance up to 130 °C. Do not expose to direct flame or fire.
One size fits all
The reference is one unit.

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