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Imhoff Cone

Imhoff Cone

Disponemos de conos de sedimentación de vidrio de laboratorio según Imhoff sin llave de paso y con llave de paso de vidrio

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Imhoff Cone for Sedimentation with Closed Tip

Glass measuring cone with a capacity of 1 litre, Imhoff model
Suitable for laboratory sedimentation work.
Made of borosilicate glass, the upper inner diameter is 118 mm (± 10 mm) and with a total height of 470 mm (± 10 mm).
The capacity is 1000 ml
The graduation is silk-screen printed in white: from 0 to 5 ml in 0.5 ml; from 5 to 20 ml in 1 ml; from 20 to 100 ml in 5 ml; from 100 to 1000 ml in 50 ml (Swiss type subdivision).

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Retort Stand for Imhoff Cone or Separation Funnel

Stand for separatory funnels and Imhoff cones
The reference doesn't include the Imhoff cone of the photo.
This stand consists of:
- a universal base with a plate and a 600x10 mm rod
- a 120 mm diameter closed ring made of chromium-plated steel without boss-head
- a double boss-head for rod which allows moving and adapting the height of the hoop on the rod.
For more information, see description

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