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Rocking and Rotating Shakers

Rocking and Rotating Shakers for laboratory

Discover our range of high quality laboratory rocking and rotating shakers, designed to ensure accurate and efficient stirring in your experiments.

Power your research with tools you can trust.

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Price €447.70
683 Analogue rotary shaker with rollerEspecially suitable for stirrings requiring minimum aeration.Equipment working mode with simultaneous...

Price €520.30
Oscillating laboratory shaker, model 683/10Ideal for haematology useTilting perpendicular to the table surfaceAnti-sliding of tubesCapacity 12...

Price €369.05
RS10 Analogue Rotary StirrerRotating and rocking shaking motionNumber of rollers: 6Speed range 0 to 70 rpmMaximum stirring weight 5 kgType of...