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Digital centrifuge RS-0424

Digital centrifuge RS-0424
Low speed bench-top centrifuge.
Working speed range between 500 and 4.000 rpm with increments of 100 rpm and an accuracy of ±100 rpm.
Its maximum FCR is 2,500 xg with speed increments of 100xg.
The motor is induction, brushless and maintenance-free.
Acceleration is 3 seconds and braking is 4 seconds.
It has a timer from 1 to 99 min and also has the option of continuous operation (HOLD).
LED display with speed (rpm) and time (seconds).
Warning system: sound signal when the lid is opened manually by push button and at the end of the spin time (Noise level: <=62dB).
Analysis safety system: automatic internal diagnosis.
Delivered without head
More information in the description and in the technical data sheet.

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Refrigerated microtube centrifuge, RS-1524

High speed refrigerated centrifuge
Bench-top unit, model RS-1524 of the RSLAB brand.
This equipment is easy to program and with high speed control precision.
It is suitable for centrifugation of small volume samples for clinical, industrial and research laboratories.
DC motor is brushless and brushless, so no maintenance is required.
The rotor speed can be adjusted in rpm or G-force.
Speed is adjustable from 200 to 15,000 rpm in increments of 100 rpm and acceleration/deceleration times of 25 s/25 s.
The maximum RCF is 21380 xg in 10 xg increments.
Allows continuous operation in the "HOLD" position or timer setting from 30 seconds to a maximum of 99 minutes.
Head included: 24x1,5/2 ml (ref. GJK014).
Adapters GJM002 for 0.2 mL microtubes and adapter GJM003 for 0.5 mL microtubes must be used (not included).
Temperature setting from -20°C to 40°C.
Features electric brake, dual lid locking, overspeed detection and overtemperature detection with internal diagnostic system.
Refrigerant Gas Type: R290
Noise level: <=54dB
Dimensions: 332×553×283 mm
Weight: 30 kg
More information in the description and in the data sheet.

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Multi-rotor & multi-speed microtube centrifuge, 2624/2

Bench-top multi-head centrifuge for microtubes, model 2624/2
High speed and versatile equipment of the Nahita Blue brand.
The motor is induction, brushless, so it does not require maintenance.
The maximum speed is 15,000 rpm and the maximum RCF is 22,375 ×g.
The working speed and RCF depend on the type of rotor used. 
It has a system that relates the RPM/G according to the number of rotor used.
It has a double LED display that allows digital control of the parameters.
More information in the description and in the technical data sheet.

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Digital Multi-head Centrifuge, Multibas+ 2751

Digital multi-head centrifuge Multibas+ 2751 
High-capacity bench-top centrifuge with oscillating head 
Digital control
Oscillating head included (adapters not included)
Max speed 5000rpm
Max FCR 4980g
Max capacity: 4x250 mL (see accessories)
Timer: 1 h 59 min 59 s
10 acceleration ramps
10 braking ramps
9 programmes
Pulse function
Maintenance-free induction motor
Power supply: 230V/50-60Hz
More information in the description and in the data sheet.

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