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Hydrometers & Aerometers

Hydrometry and density-Labcomercial
A hydrometer or areometer is an instrument that measures the specific gravity (relative density) of liquids. We offer a wide variety of general and specific hydrometers use covering a wide range of ranges and scales: Baumé, Gay-Lussac,Cartier and Kg/m³| and specialized hydrometers.


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Price €24.93
Precision glass alcohol meter on Gay Lussac scale graduated from 0 to 10 % of alcohol volumeDistillation hydrometerGraduation interval every...

Price €10.89
1-Scale Alcoholometer: Gay Lussac, 0-100% alcohol volume with 1% volume divisions.Glass hydrometer for distilling processes.Accuracy 1%...

Price €10.77
Glass alcohol meter: Gay Lussac scales from 0 to 100 % volume of alcoholHydrometer for distillation, graduated with 1 % volume divisions.Accuracy:...