250ml Aluminium Bottle with 24mm Screw Cap

250ml Aluminium Bottle with 24mm Screw Cap

250 ml capacity aluminum bottle and 24 mm aluminum screw cap without tamper-evident seal.

Environmentally friendly container, easy to recycle, and totally customizable according to the needs of the brand.

2,15 €

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Product Type Bottle & Screw Cap
Packaging & Containers Aluminium
Capacity 250 ml
Colour Aluminium
Material Aluminium
Neck Finish Screw 24 mm Ø
Inner diameter neck 19 mm
Body 48 mm Ø
Height without cover 160 mm
Closure Screw Aluminium Cap
Closing Cap Reference includes cover
Tamper-Evident Seal Cap without security seal
Height with cover / stopper 163 mm
Inside Closure Shape / Seal Type EPE Inner Disc
Peso 38 g
Food grade Si
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250ml Aluminium Bottle with 24mm Screw Cap

Cylindrical bottle with aluminium cap and an EPE liner to ensure the closure without losses or leakage of its content. With an elegant design it is the perfect packaging for products based on water, oil, cosmetics, medicines, and any type of food product.

The bottle and cap match perfectly and together will instantly transform the look of your product. The simplistic shape and smooth sides offer the perfect canvas for your company branding and label.

It provides great protection of the content for long periods of time from the entry of oxygen and light, thus extending the life of the products. Waterproof, fire and corrosion resistant container.

Thanks to the quality and durability of aluminium, our bottles can be washed and reused again and again without risk of deterioration.

Its compact, lightweight, and durable design is perfect for storing both commercial and industrial products.

We offer different ranges of capacities across our collection.

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