10000g Balance Precision 0.1g LED


LED precision balance with maximum capacity of 10000 g and legibility of 0.1 g.
Large stainless steel weighing pan of 337x237 mm, which allows to perform large weighing.
High contrast and easy to read LED display and AC or rechargeable battery power.

491,26 €

(406,00 € tax excl.)

Product Type Precision Balance Accuracy 0.1 g
Capacity, max. 10000 g
Readability 0.1 g
Weighing Pan Size 337x237 mm, Stainless Steel
Inaccuracy Automatic by external weight, included
Adjustable Weight Units g, kg, lb
Draft Shield No
Power Supply AC100-240V Adapter, 50/60 Hz / Rechargeable batteries 4.5V
Display LED
Dimensions 370x370x125 mm
Sale by Unit

LED precision balance with maximum capacity of 10000g and legibility of 0.1g

LED series precision balance that uses load sensors with high precision strain gauges that provide a high stabilization speed and reliability. The housing is made of rugged plastic with adjustable threaded feet. The dimension of 370×370×125 mm and with a large stainless steel plate of 337×237 mm allows work with instruments and large parts of the laboratory.

Measuring instrument with high precision load sensor and several options of measurement units to be selected: gr, kg, lb. The default weighing unit is grams. It has a checkweigher and a device for lower weighing.

The LED display is high contrast and easy to read. Visible indicator of the battery status. In case of overload, "---------" will be displayed, so it is recommended to remove the object immediately to avoid damage to the instrument.

The panel is easy to operate by means of 6 keys:

  •     ON/OF: on/off
  •     COU: parts counting function according to configuration
  •     UNIT: weight unit selector
  •     TARE: tare function
  •     CAL: calibration function
  •     MENU: print function

Power is supplied by a built-in rechargeable battery and has an RS232 output.

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