18 mm Black Screw Lotion Pump

Pump dispenser cover for cream, lotion, gel and beauty oils. Excellent lid for dosing cosmetic products

Lid for threaded neck bottles din18 or 18 mm diameter

Product available mid-April

0,73 €

(0,60 € tax excl.)

Product Type Dosing Pump
Colour Black
Material PP Plastic
Neck Finish Screw DIN 18 - GL18
Closure Dispensing pump
Tamper-Evident Seal Cap without security seal
Sale by Unit

18 mm Black Lotion Pump for Cosmetic Botlles with Narrow Mouth

Lotion pump for our glass bottles is made of black plastic high density polyethylene (PE-HD) and inner disc expanded polyethylene (EPE). The inner disc guarantees that the closing is hermetic and without leakage.

The external cover is made of black polypropylene (PP).

The fishing tube is made of translucent polyethylene (PE) and has a length of 77 mm which must be cut to adapt the length to the height of the bottle. The rod mounted with the cap has a length of 100 mm inside the bottle.

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