50ml Square Amber Bottle & Bamboo Cap with Vertical Dropper

50 mL Narrow-Neck Square Amber Glass Bottle with 18mm Bamboo Screw Cap & Insert Dropper Stopper

Empty container for the pharmaceutical, chemical, medical, cosmetic and food industries. Package specially indicated to contain, to transfer and to dose small quantities of liquid, drop by drop.

The reference includes the cover and screw cap is without tamper evident.

1,65 €

(1,36 € tax excl.)

Product Type Bottle & Vertical Dropper with Screw Cap
Packaging & Containers Glass
Capacity 50 ml
Colour Amber
Material Soda–Lime–Silica Glass
Neck Finish Screw 18 mm Ø
Inner diameter neck 10,6 mm Ø
Body 36x36 mm
Brimful capacity 55 ml
Height without cover 63 mm
Graduation Ungraduated
Closure Screw Cap & Vertical Dropper Insert
Closing Cap Reference includes cover
Tamper-Evident Seal Cap without security seal
Food grade Si
Sale by Unit

Square Glass Bottle & 18 mm Bamboo Screw Cap & Insert Dropper Cap

Frequently used packaging for essential oils, elixirs or flower essences (Bach flowers), homeopathy, natural therapies, perfumes and pharmaceutical, chemical or food liquids (vinegar, aroma, colouring, etc.).

Attractive and robust bottle made of dark glass that protects its contents from light. 

This double cover is composed of a black inner screw cap made of polyethylene plastic (PE) and bamboo wood outer lid. The screw cap is without tamper evident. The outer diameter of the cover is 25 mm Ø.

The insert dropper cap is made of transparent polyethylene (PE) plastic with a 0.7 mm Ø outlet hole: the liquid comes out drop by drop.

Hermetic closing for glass bottles with 18 mm thread

The dropper is automatically inserted when the cap is screwed into place. The cap should be pushed down and turned until the dropper cap is inserted into the mouth of the bottle. The cap has the shape of the dropper nozzle inside, which ensures that the closure of the cap is watertight for glass bottles with 18 mm or DIN18 screw.

We have different models and finishes of closures for glass bottles with 18 mm and DIN18 threads, in particular caps with dropper caps with two outlet hole diameters: standard hole of 0.7 mm in diameter for liquids in general and hole of 1.6 mm in diameter is specific for liquids with higher viscosity such as oil.

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