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    500 mL Amber Bottle Wide Mouth & Ground-Glass Stopper

    500ml Amber Reagent Bottle, Wide Mouth & Ground-Stopper


    The classic pharmacy packaging charm is the best presentation for your highest quality products.
    This bottle of old-style apothecary of 500 mL capacity will delicately care for its contents, preserving all its properties and with the guarantee of being a clean container for the environment.
    Ideal for laboratories, therapies, medicine and friendly vegan.

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    500 mL Wide Mouth Amber Glass Reagent Bottle with Ground-Glass Joint Stopper

    Bottle has a cylindrical body, rounded shoulders, a wide mouth and the inside of the mouth is ground-glassed to standard measurements.

    The top of the glass stopper is solid, flat and round. The joint of the stopper is ground-glass of standard sizes (NS or ST). Closure is hermetically sealed.

    Empty laboratory container for liquids, pasty substances, solids, salts, powders, granulated materials, chemicals, reagents, oils, essences, natural therapy drugs, creams and cosmetics, among other uses.

    Suitable for sampling, packaging, storage, preservation or transport. The width of the mouth facilitates the processes of pouring and filling.

    These containers are made of clear glass and amber glass (not coloured glass). Dark or brown glass protects its contents from light. Available in two formats: wide-mouth bottles and narrow-mouth bottles. Different capacities are available from 50 mL to 10 litres.

    The capacities of 5,000 mL and 10,000 mL are made of borosilicate glass, the rest are soda-calcium type III hydrolytic class glass.


    Data sheet

    Product Type
    Bottle & Glass Stopper
    Soda–Lime–Silica Glass
    Packaging & Containers
    500 ml
    Neck Finish Recipient
    Ground-Glass - Wide
    Inner diameter neck
    45 mm
    87 mm Ø
    Standard Ground-Glass Joint
    Neck Shape
    Wide Neck
    Body Shape
    Cylindrical Shaped
    Bottom Shape
    Flat bottom
    Brimful capacity
    607 ml
    Height with cover / stopper
    176 mm
    Glass Stopper
    Tamper-Evident Seal
    without Tamper-Evident Seal
    by Unit