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    50 mL Roll-On Clear Glass Bottle & 18 mm Screw Cap

    50ml Clear Glass Dropper Bottle, Roll-on Screw Cap


    This bottle is pharmaceutical-grade clear glass with a capacity of 50 ml, comes complete with an 18 mm black cap and a roll-on stopper with a glass ball.
    Excellent for direct applications on the skin of perfumes, cosmetics, natural treatments, make-up and more.
    Perfect packaging to give a luxurious and professional finish to a range of cosmetic products.
    Not recommended for use with high density liquids such as oils or creams.

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    50ml Roll-on Clear Bottles with Glass Ball

    Empty bottle with a narrow mouth made of calcium soda glass type III that complies with the specifications of the European Pharmacopoeia and the United States. Container for the pharmaceutical, chemical, healthcare, cosmetic and food sectors. The colored glass is not painted-glass. Available in different colors and capacities.

    The cap is made of transparent polyethylene plastic (PE) which is the support for the glass ball of the roll-on. The black lid is made of 18 mm threaded polypropylene (PP) without a security seal.

    100% ecological and recyclable packaging ideal for the presentation of natural cosmetics, handmade, vegan and ecological creams.

    The roll-on doses and facilitates the manipulation of small doses of liquids or emulsions from medium or oily density such as vegetable oils, essential oils, serums, lotions, make-ups, lip cream and other treatments for skin and hair; as well as aqueous or alcholic fine density solutions such as colognes, floral waters, hydrolats, tonics and much more.

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    Data sheet

    Soda Lime Glass Type III
    Packaging & Containers
    50 ml
    Neck Finish Recipient
    Screw 18 mm / DIN18
    Inner diameter neck
    10.6 mm
    37.2 mm Ø
    Brimful capacity
    57 ml
    Height without cover
    92 mm
    Roll-on & Screw Cap, Glass Ball
    Tamper-Evident Seal
    without Tamper-Evident Seal
    by Unit