10ml Green Glass Dropper Bottle & Brush Cap

10 ml Green glass bottle with 18mm screw cap with brush

Packaging for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, health and cosmetic sector to apply small quantities of liquid or oil

Cover with tamper evident seal included

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Product Type Bottle & Brush Applicator
Packaging & Containers Glass
Capacity 10 ml
Colour Green
Material Soda Lime Glass Type III
Neck Finish Screw DIN 18 - GL18
Inner diameter neck 10,6 mm Ø
Body 24.8 mm Ø
Brimful capacity 13 ml
Height without cover 58 mm
Closure Cap with brush
Closing Cap Reference includes cover
Tamper-Evident Seal Cap with Tamper-Evident Seal
Food grade Si
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10ml Green Glass Bottle and 18mm Screw Cap with Brush

Bottle for a multitude of uses: for chemicals, paint, glue, varnish, oil, as well as for treatments on wounds, scars, fungus and skin stains, among other applications.

Empty container made of type III soda-lime glass and meeting the specifications for use in European and American pharmacies. The DIN18 screw guarantees the possibility of placing a screw cap with a tamper-evident seal of 18 mm in diameter. The mouth also allows the closure with any 18mm diameter screw lid.

Available in clear glass (white) and in amber (topaz or brown), blue and green. The coloured glass is solid, unpainted and protects the products from UV light.

Suitable for medical and pharmaceutical treatments, food containers, oils and essences.

The cover is made of polyethylene plastic (PE) with thread, seal and brush. The closure is hermetic, screwed and sealed; the customer breaks the seal. The length of the brush stem varies according to the capacity of the bottle so that it can be adapted to the height of the container.

Black Cap with Brush and Preseal for 18mm Screw Bottles with Narrow Mouth Recommended for our threaded glass bottles DIN18 and 10 ml capacity. The brush length of 52 mm allows you to reach the bottom of the container and access the maximum amount of liquid or substance, without wasting content.The lid has security seal and its closure is without leakage.

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