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    1000ml Clear Glass Sirop Bottle & 28mm Hand Trigger Sprayer

    1000ml Clear Glass Sirop Bottle & 28mm Hand Trigger Sprayer


    Frasco vidrio 1.000 ml transparente con pistola pulverizadora rosca PP 28

    Bote de laboratorio que cumple los requisitos como envase farmacéutico en Europa y Estados Unidos.

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    1000ml Clear Glass Sirop Bottle & 28mm Hand Trigger Sprayer

    Narrow-mouth empty soda lime glass bottle type III that meets the specifications of European and American pharmacopoeia. Container for the pharmaceutical, chemical, health-medical, cosmetic and food sectors. The 28 mm screw type is identified as PP28 or Pilfer Proof 28 because they have a standard diameter and the shape of the mouth allows the placement of caps with a tamper-evident seal. Available in different colours and capacities. The coloured glass is mass-produced, not painted.

    The spray cap is made of polypropylene (PP) plastic. The pump delivers approximately 0.80 ml of distilled water with each stroke and the angle of dispersion is 80 degrees.

    The immersion tube has a length that can be adapted to the measurements of the different capacities of the bottle. It can be cut easy to the required size with scissors.

    The liquid sprayer or trigger has mechanical components (plastic, metal and rubber ring) that are sensitive to many substances that can cause the gun to stop working. To verify that the desired substance can be used with the sprayer, we recommend that the customer test for a while if the product attacks the gun mechanism. In case of blockage or malfunction in the spraying of the liquid, it can be concluded that the substance is not suitable for the intended use. Any substance, except water, must be tested for resistance of the gun to the product. Its use is not recommended with acids, acetones, lacquers, oils, petrol, etc.

    Instructions for use: When the piston is operated, an aspiration is created that allows a fine spray of the liquid to be applied. The most frequent use of the spray gun or atomizer is in the chemical and sanitary sector, agriculture, cosmetics and perfumery.

    Data sheet

    Product Type
    Trigger Spray Bottle
    Soda Lime Glass Type III
    Packaging & Containers
    1,000 ml / 1 litre
    Neck Finish Recipient
    Screw PP28 - Pilfer28
    Inner diameter neck
    20 mm
    97 mm Ø
    Brimful capacity
    1,021 ml
    Height without cover
    217 mm
    Hand Trigger Sprayer
    Closing Cap
    Reference includes cover
    Tamper-Evident Seal
    without Tamper-Evident Seal
    by Unit