10ml Green Glass Bottle & 18mm Atomiser Spray

Narrow-neck green glass bottle with spray cap and cover cap, 10ml. Packaging for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, sanitary and cosmetic sectors. Useful for spraying small amounts of liquid in very fine droplets

Two qualities of spray caps available.

The reference includes the cap and cover

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Product Type Spray Pump Bottle
Packaging & Containers Glass
Capacity 10 ml
Colour Green
Material Soda Lime Glass Type III
Neck Finish Screw DIN 18 - GL18
Inner diameter neck 10,6 mm Ø
Body 24.8 mm Ø
Brimful capacity 13 ml
Height without cover 58 mm
Closure Spray cap
Closing Cap Reference includes cover
Tamper-Evident Seal Cap without security seal
Food grade Si
Sale by Unit

Laboratory bottle DIN 18 and spray cap with protective top cover

Empty container made of Type III calcium soda glass that meets the specifications for use in European and US pharmacies. The DIN18 thread guarantees the possibility of attaching a screw cap with an 18 mm diameter seal. It’s suitable for use in medical and pharmaceutical treatments, chemical products, food containers, oils and essences.

Available in a variety of capacities and glass colours. The coloured glass protects the product it contains from light.

The combination of the bottle with the spray cap is excellent for use when a fine spray application of solution, water, chemical, medication, disinfectant, cosmetic, perfume, air freshener, among others, is required. Not recommended for use with liquids with very high density.

Two qualities of spray caps are available:

- Vaporizer made of polyethylene plastic (PE) with thermal resistance up to 40°C. The seal is airtight, threaded and unsealed. It is protected by an unsealed, transparent propylene plastic (PP) cap. It’s available in white or black. For more information see accessories and technical data sheet.

- High quality gold vaporizer produced in aluminium and stainless steel. It’s ideal for presenting select handcrafted products for the bath, body, fragrances and essences. The length of the complete cover is 190 mm and the 130 mm shank is mounted inside the cover guide. For more information see accessories and technical data sheet.

The vaporizer comes with the standard length immersion tube so it is necessary to cut its length to fit the height of the bottle according to the capacity of the bottle.

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