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    250ml Amber Glass Bottle & 28mm Atomiser Spray


    Frasco de rosca PP28 de 250ml con vaporizador. Color ámbar o marrón

    Se entrega frasco con una tapa vaporizadora completa.

    Recipiente para el sector farmacéutico, químico, medico, cosmético y alimentario.

    Uso frecuente para envasar perfumes, cosmética y alimentos (vinagre, aceite, aroma, colorante...).

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    250ml Amber Glass Bottle with PP28 Screw Thread and Spray Cap

    Empty container made of Type III soda-lime glass that meets the specifications for use in European and United States pharmacies.
    The PP28 screw cap allows for the use of a screw cap with a security seal.
    Suitable for medical treatments, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food containers. Available in transparent glass (white) and amber colour (topaz or brown). The coloured glass is mass-coloured, not painted, and protects the contents from light.

    The sprayer cap is made of polypropylene (PP) plastic and features an inner disc of expanded polyethylene to ensure a better fit with the bottle neck.
    The closure is completed with a transparent plastic protective cap to guard against accidental handling.
    The tube or dip tube is made of translucent low-density polyethylene, with a length of 235mm, and is installed inside the cap guide. It should always be cut to fit the bottle's height.
    The total length of the cap is 290mm.
    Each press dispenses 0.25ml of distilled water with a precision of ±0.03ml.

    Data sheet

    Product Type
    Spray Pump Bottle
    Soda Lime Glass Type III
    Packaging & Containers
    250 ml
    Neck Finish Recipient
    Screw PP28 - Pilfer28
    Inner diameter neck
    20 mm
    61 mm Ø
    Brimful capacity
    260 ml
    Height without cover
    142 mm
    Spray cap
    Closing Cap
    Reference includes cover
    Tamper-Evident Seal
    without Tamper-Evident Seal
    by Unit