1000 ml Amber Glass Powder Bottles & Black Screw Cap

1000 ml Powder bottle or wide-mouth bottle in amber glass with black screw cap

The reference includes the black plastic cover and an internal cap or shutter cap.

Containers for liquids, pasty substances, solids, salts, powders or granular materials. Suitable for sampling, packaging, storage, preservation or transport.

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Product Type Powder Bottle
Packaging & Containers Glass
Capacity 1000 ml
Colour Amber
Material Soda Lime Glass Type III
Neck Finish Screw - Wide
Inner diameter neck 56 mm Ø
Body 100 mm Ø
Brimful capacity 1060 ml
Height without cover 180 mm
Closure Plastic Screw Cap
Closing Cap Reference includes cover
Tamper-Evident Seal Cap without security seal
Inside Closure Shape / Seal Type PELD Internal Seal
Closure Profile Ribbed
Food grade Si
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1000ml Amber Glass Powder Bottle with Black Screw Cap & Internal Cap

Manufactured in soda-lime glass class III according to the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia and the USP. Suitable for food use.

The wide opening facilitates transfer and filling processes as well as cleaning of the container.

Available in clear or clear glass and in amber or yellow colour. Coloured glass protects the contents from the effects of light. No graduation.

The closure of the containers is hermetic. The inner seal is made of low density polyethylene (LDPE). Its plug completes the closure and protects the contents from humidity in the environment.

Accesorio para frascos de boca ancha de capacidad de 1000ml Tapa de baquelita negraNo se puede esterilizar mediante autoclaveLimpieza mediante jabón neutro y agua no excesivamente calienteApto para uso alimentario

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