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    Silicone septum for 20 mm injectable vials or antibioticss

    Rubber Septum for Vial 20mm


    13 mm grey butyl septum for injection vial with 20 mm diameter neck
    Complement for the closure of our antibiotic or medicine bottles. The closure is completed together with the aluminium capsules, which are also available in our shop.

    The closures, covers, caps, stoppers and plugs in our shop are only guaranteed to be watertight with our containers, vials, bottles and jars.

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    Grey Septum for 20mm Injection Vials

    This septum together with the aluminium capsule for our glass vials minimises the possibility of contamination from handling samples or substances contained. This assembly ensures that the closure of the container is uniform and optimal at all times.

    The technical composition of the septum allows it to be pierced by a needle for extracting or adding liquids.

    It is essential to use manual crimper forcep or electronic crimper to ensure the closure of the vials.

    See in our section "Accessories" the aluminium capsule as well as the manual encapsulator.

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    Product Type
    Injection Glass Bottles
    Neck Finish Recipient
    Vial 20 mm Ø
    Septum and aluminium capsule
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