150 mm Evaporating Dish Flat Bottom With Spout


Flat Bottom Evaporation Dish with Spout, 150 mm diameter and 600 mL capacity

Manufactured in borosilicate 3.3 quality glass according to DIN 12336. This glass presents a good resistance to the physical shock and resistance to high temperatures.

Graduated in white from the Academy brand.

5,75 €

(5,75 € tax excl.)

Capacity600 ml
Made ofBorosilicate Glass 3.3
Glass colourClear glass
Height75 mm
GraduationColour printed scale
Graduation colorWhite
External Diameter150 mm Ø
Food gradeSi
StandardDIN 12336

150 mm Flat-bottomed Glass Dish with Spout

Basic laboratory piece used in the evaporation separation processes of solutions and solvents to obtain a concentrated or dissolved solid solution. The evaporator is used more frequently in quantitative analysis.

Semi-spherical container of low form and with a flat base that gives it stability. The edge has a spout for easy pour and to facilitate transfers.

General properties of borosilicate glass 3.3.:Glass is distinguished by its very good chemical resistance to water, salt solutions, acids, bases and organic solvents. It is only attacked by hydrofluoric acid and, at high temperatures, by strong bases and phosphoric acid.

Chemical resistance
Hydrolytic according to ISO 719 and 720Class 1
To acids according to ISO 1776Class 1
To alkali mixture according to ISO 695Class 2

Physical Properties
Mean linear and thermal coeficient of expansion (ISO 7991)3,3
Transformation temperatura525º C
Highest sort-term admissible working range500º C

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