PP28 White Screw Closure with Thermoplastic Disc for Syringes


PP28 standard screw cap in white colour with thermoplastic hole for syringe needles

It has a blue tamper evident security seal.

Food and pharmaceutical quality

1,51 €

(1,25 € tax excl.)

Product Type Screw Cap
Accessories Glass Bottles & Screw Cap
Colour White - Blue
Material Polypropylene Plastic (PP) and Thermoplastic (TE)
Neck Finish Screw DIN 28 - PP28
Closure Plastic Screw Cap
Tamper-Evident Seal Cap with Tamper-Evident Seal
Inside Closure Shape / Seal Type EPE Inner Disc
Sterilization Sterilizable by Autoclave
Food grade Si
Sale by Unit

28mm White Screw Cap with Thermoplastic Disc for Syringe Needles and Security Tamper Evident Seal

Closure made in the Federal Republic of Germany for pharmaceutical grade glass bottles with a standard PP28 thread.

Lid made of polyethylene plastic (PP) with a 5 mm diameter hole in the top with  thermoplastic.

It is provided with a blue tamper-evident security seal: the closure is screwed on and sealed, the customer breaks the ring of the seal.

The inner disc is made of thermoplastic, TPE, and is accessible through the top hole of the cap.

The needle is injected through the hole in the lid with thermoplastic and you can introduce or extract liquids through the syringe without having to open the lid or break the security seal.

Food and pharmaceutical quality, autoclavable up to a maximum temperature of 135°C.

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