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    Black pump dispensing cap for 24 mm screw bottle

    24mm Black Dispenser Pump


    Dispensing pump in black colour. Lid for bottle with 24 mm screw top.
    The cap is made of black polypropylene (PP).
    Closing and opening by turning left and right
    Total length including rod is 240 mm

    The closures, covers, caps, stoppers and plugs in our shop are only guaranteed to be watertight with our containers, vials, bottles and jars.

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    24mm Black Dispensing Cap, PP28 Screw

    The cover is closed and opened by turning the head to the left and to the right.
    Components are high quality:
    Valve spring is made of stainless steel.
    The ball of the valve is made of glass.
    The fishing tube is made of translucent polyethylene (PE) plastic of 160 mm length, which must be cut to adapt the length to the height of the bottle.

    Data sheet

    Product Type
    Dosing Pump
    Polypropylene Plastic PP
    Neck Finish Recipient
    Screw 24 mm Ø
    Dispensing pump
    Tamper-Evident Seal
    without Tamper-Evident Seal
    Inner Shape of the Cover / Inner Disc
    EPE Inner Disc
    Closure Profile
    Smooth Wall
    Length - Long
    240 mm
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