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    28mm Black Flip-top Cap

    28mm Flip-top Screw Cap, Black


    Black PP28 Flip-top cap 
    Manufactured from high quality, polypropylene (PP) plastic, this lid ensures a tight, durable seal.
    The integrated hinge facilitates easy and convenient access to the contents of the bottle, adding practicality to the process of applying tonic or other liquid products.
    The closure of this container allows you to dispense a liquid drop by drop.
    As a recommendation, if you use a glass bottle, you should shake it slightly to extract the liquid. On the other hand, if you are using a plastic bottle, simply apply light pressure on the bottle to dispense the product.
    The outer height is 24.4 mm and with an outer diameter of 31.2 mm.
    It can be cleaned and sterilised by autoclaving at a maximum temperature of 120°C.

    The closures, covers, caps, stoppers and plugs in our shop are only guaranteed to be watertight with our containers, vials, bottles and jars.

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    Black PP28 Flip-top cap

    Closure for 28mm threaded containers, precision engineered to combine the durability of polypropylene with the functionality of the hinge, providing a secure and convenient closure to maintain the freshness of the contents.

    It ensures an hermetic and secure seal and protects the contents from external agents and maintenance. The hinged closure not only facilitates access to the contents, but also eliminates the worry of losing the lid, facilitating the everyday use and user experience.

    It is a versatile and functional solution designed to fit PP28 or 28mm threaded glass or plastic bottles. Closure for containers intended to hold a variety of products such as tonics, shampoos, soaps, lubricants and the like. This accessory not only fulfils practical functions, but also adds an aesthetic and modern touch to product presentation.

    This black lid is particularly suitable for holding personal care and cosmetic products, where aesthetics and practicality are essential.

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    Screw Cap
    Glass Bottles & Screw Cap
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