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Dropper cap press black for DIN18 screw cap bottles 5ml

Press Dropper Cap DIN18 30ml Black


Black press lid for DIN18 screw cap bottles with 30 ml capacity
Dispenser made of aluminium and painted black with polypropylene (PP) inner nipple.
A different and stylish closure, ideal for dispensing serums, oils, tonics, lotions, essences, among many others.
A safe and stylish solution for your best products.
The tube or pipette is made of clear glass, 77 mm long and 7 mm in diameter.
Dropper with pipettes available in different shapes, finishes and colours.
The reference does not include the bottle.
More information in the description and datasheet.

The closures, covers, caps, stoppers and plugs in our shop are only guaranteed to be watertight with our containers, vials, bottles and jars.

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Press dropper cap black DIN18 screw cap with 77mm glass tube

This cap consists of different components:
- The lid is made of aluminium
- The inner teat is made of polypropylene plastic (PP).
- And the tube is made of transparent glass. The length of the tube is suitable for use with our standard DIN18 and 30 ml screw bottles.

This cap is the perfect complement to containers for facial toners, rejuvenating serums, essential oils and other cosmetic liquids. Its DIN18 screw-on design allows for a secure, airtight fit on the container, providing the necessary protection to preserve the integrity of the contents.

Its black finish adds an aesthetic and sophisticated touch to your products.

Screw-on lid, designed with a pressure mechanism that makes it easy to open and close with a simple twist. Its compatibility with 18 mm threaded bottles facilitates its integration into various packaging systems, ensuring versatility and convenience in application.

This type of closure is convenient for quick and easy access to the contents of the container, while preventing spillage or leakage.

This closure is a functional and attractive choice to enhance the presentation and protect the freshness of the products. With this accessory, a perfect balance between style and functionality is achieved in the packaging of personal care and cosmetic products.

Data sheet

Product Type
Dropper Cap & Glass Pipette
Packaging & Containers
30 ml
Neck Finish Recipient
Screw 18 mm / DIN18
40 mm
Press Dropper
Tamper-Evident Seal
without Tamper-Evident Seal
Inner Shape of the Cover / Inner Disc
Closure Profile
Smooth Wall
20 mm
13 g