1. Field of application

The present Conditions of Purchase are applied strictly to all commercial relations of product sales as well as any service associated with the company LABComercial with natural persons (individuals and professionals) or legal persons (companies, foundations, universities and schools) from now on Client and that contract through the web www.labcomercial.com so it is outside the scope of the application of the regulations referring to Consumers and Users.

The use and/or acquisition of any of the products from the web page of LABComercial necessarily implies the acceptance as Client, without reserves of any class, to all and each one of the present conditions of purchase effective in the date in which the corresponding operation is made as well as to the particular conditions that in their case govern the acquisition.
It informs that the procedures to carry out the acquisition of products are those that are described in the present document as well as those other specific ones that are indicated in screen during the navigation in the store so that the Client declares to know and to accept these procedures as necessary to accede to the products and services offered in the page Web of LABComercial.

Any modification and/or correction of the data provided by the Customer during navigation will be possible and must be carried out according to the indications included in the web. To communicate with us, we put to your disposition different means of contact that you will find in our section "11.Notifications" of this same document.

2. Products

The product is understood to be all the goods and services sold, commercialised, carried out or executed by LABComercial with the characteristics and prices that are seen on the web.

The photographs of the product shown on the web or in the catalogue are orientative and can suffer modifications, as well as the weights, sizes and dimensions indicated are approximate values and cannot be considered contractual.

The specifications of the products indicated in the catalogues and technical data sheets when they comply with some regulations of use, we only guarantee that they comply with the indicated regulations and not those not mentioned.

LABComercial reserves the right to decide at any time which products are presented to the Client through its web page, in addition it reserves the faculty to modify the range of products due to the variation in the market or to eliminate at any time and without previous warning any of the products offered in the web.

The supply of the product is limited to the delivery in the place indicated by the Client, without including on the part of LABComercial the benefit of the assembly or installation of the product.

3. Responsibility for the use

The Customer is solely responsible for the choice of the product as well as the use or function for which it is intended. LABComercial does not become person in charge nor guarantees that it is the adapted one for the technical applications tried by the Client nor to reach in everything or partly the objectives anticipated by this one when making the purchase. Any recommendation of use by the personnel of LABComercial is made in good faith and according to our knowledge without it supposes an explicit or implicit declaration of suitability of the product for the use determined by the Client.

The Client will have to have a special care if they make available to people under age equipment and products supplied by LABComercial, even within the school scope. It is responsibility of the Client to fulfill the effective norm and very especially with respect to dispositions relative to labor security, hygiene and prevention of risks. In the particular case of the equipment, the Customer is the only one responsible for its maintenance, periodic calibration and/or verification and to know the possible regulations to which it is subject to be used.

4. Orders

The customer can place orders 24 hours a day through our website.  We do not have a physical store only the option of collecting the package in our warehouse located in Barcelona city. (More information in section 8 "Order deliveries")

To initiate any purchase through the LABComercial store it is essential that the Customer is of legal age and that he or she registers on the web, creating a user account, following the instructions that will appear on the following screens and filling in the relevant forms. In the case that LABComercial has knowledge that the Client is a minor, his account and access to the Web will be automatically cancelled.

If you need help as a user of the web, you can consult through the section of our store "How to buy"; or contact our customer service through the mail info@labcomercial.com or through our telephone +34 9332001484.