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Our Commitment

In our shop we prioritize the confidentiality of the data provided by our customers, therefore, we have a high encryption system of our website with the help of the best technologies available on the market: “HTTPS” which informs that you are browsing on a secure website because we have the SSL security certificate in order.

Secure Payment

Purchases made on LABComercial can be paid for using the following payment methods:

Credit or debit cards

If this payment method has been selected, our shop links to a new encrypted web page of a bank with a high security system that automatically encrypts all confidential data. In order to prevent fraud, payment cannot be made using cards issued by a bank outside the Spanish state.

All data provided on this page are encrypted to ensure maximum security of the connection, complying with all regulations and security protocols in force, ensuring the confidentiality of data.

LABComercial declares that it does not store any data provided by the Client in the process of payment by credit card.

In the event that the Client encounters an incident or difficulty in formalising their order, they may contact us so that the order can be processed using the data provided via email or telephone. In these cases, payment can only be made by bank transfer.

This option is only available for customers within Spain. Any customer outside Spain will only have the option of payment by bank transfer.

Bank transfer

During the order payment process, you will be able to select the bank transfer payment method. When you confirm the order, you will have a new information screen with the details of our bank account. Don't worry if you can't write down the information on the spot, because when you confirm the order, you will receive an email with all the bank details to make the payment.

If you choose this option, it does not mean that your order will be processed more slowly. To speed up the processing of your order, you can reply to the same email informing you of the payment, attaching proof of your bank transfer.

If you have any doubts during the purchase process, you can contact us through our Contact form; by calling our contact telephone +34932001484 or by e-mail

The prices shown in our online shop include VAT at 21% (Spanish Value Added Tax). The percentage of tax applied may vary depending on the VAT or Invoice data registered and the customer's country within the European Union.

The Customer Is Exempted from Tax

Spain: Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla

Due to the special tax regime, the order will be exempt from VAT and subject to payment of the import tax upon receipt of the package.

The costs of customs clearance and import taxes are not included in the price of the article or shipping and will always be paid by the Customer.

The order will always be processed as follows:
1. The customer must register and place the order in the shop and make the payment by bank transfer.
2. When the order is prepared and packaged: the customer will receive the transport cost estimate with the following data: measurements and weight and transport price by e-mail.
3. The customer can accept the estimate with our carrier or send his own carrier with the collection of the package at our warehouse (Barcelona 08004).
4. In case of accepting our quotation, the payment will be processed with a subsequent invoice. All local taxes will be paid by the customer, who must pay the carrier prior to delivery of your package (DUA, CABILDO and IGI).

European Union (EU) with tax-exempt VAT number

The Customer must be in possession of a valid tax-exempt European VAT number at the time of purchase. During the registration process as a customer, you must enter in your address the tax number and the European VAT number exempt from the VAT or tax charge.

INVOICE ADDRESS: the Customer must fill in the field “EUROPEAN VAT NUMBER (cross-border transactions within the EU)” in the address for the invoice. For more information, can be found in the European Union office page related to VAT exemptions.

We recommend that prior to payment of the order, you check that your registration has been processed correctly and, if in doubt, contact our Customer Service, by clicking on this link: Contact.

Export: Customer not belonging to the European Union (EU)

If the country of delivery/taxation does not belong to the European Union, please contact our Customer Service. The order will be processed manually, the payment will be made by bank transfer after quotation or pro forma invoice.

To process the request, you must send the following information via email to or by the Contact form with the following information:
A. Customer registration details: e-mail address, contact person, tax address and delivery address.
B. Product references and units for each reference.

The request will be processed as soon as possible and different informative emails will be sent related to the order and attaching the pro forma invoice or formal quotation in PDF file.

CUSTOMS: All taxes, commissions, fees, duties, taxes and brokerage costs related to the order shall be borne by the Customer.

IMPORTANT FOR UK CUSTOMERS (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland): bank transfers between UK and EU have a bank commission of EIGHTEEN EUROS, 18 euros, so this amount must be added to the order total at the time of making the transfer.