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Adapter with Perforated Plate, Male/Female 29/32


Adapter made of borosilicate glass 3.3 with standard SJ 29/32 male/female ground joint with inner glass grid. Complement to the essential oil distillation equipment.

90,51 €

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Colour Clear
Material Borosilicate Glass 3.3
Glass colour Clear glass
Neck Finish Ground-Glass - Narrow
Standard Ground-Glass Joint SJ 29/32
Accessories Distillation Accessories
Sale by Unit
Product Type Glass Joint Adapter for Distillation

Adapter with Standard SJ 29/32 Male/Female Seal for Glass Laboratory Equipment

This piece is placed between the two flasks that make up the distillation equipment, the lower flask is the one containing the water and the upper flask is the one where the herbs or plants to be distilled are placed.

It has an internal glass plate with 5 or 6 holes that prevents the plants used in the oil extraction process from falling into the flask containing the water.

As it is a single piece of equipment, it can be easily removed from the equipment and cleaned.

The ground-glass joints facilitate the construction of glass laboratory equipment, ensuring the union and tightness of the various components.

We recommend the use of plastic connecting clamps to guarantee closure in the event of pressure and possible expansion of processes with heat. See section on Accessories.

Clip de plástico para juntas esmeriladas NS 29/32 Color rojoAbrazadera fabricada en polioximetileno (POM): El POM se caracteriza por su alta resistencia al impacto, rigidez y dureza hasta los -40°C

1,27 €

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