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    Crucible Cover 74mm for 70mm Diameter Crucible

    Crucible Cover 74mm for 70mm Diameter Crucible


    Porcelain lid for 74 mm diameter crucible
    Made from high quality porcelain in accordance with ISO 1772 and DIN 12904.
    Fully enamelled except for the unglazed rim.
    This is an accessory for our 70 mm diameter crucibles.

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    Lid for laboratory crucible 74mm in diameter

    Laboratory porcelain is highly resistant to fire and direct flame. The crucible is used to melt, incinerate, carbonise, heat and burn substances, chemical compounds and metals such as gold, silver and others.

    Crucible lids are slightly wider than the diameter of the crucible and are fully enamelled except for the rim. We have a wide range of sizes to suit all our porcelain crucibles.

    Utensils for jewellery and silverware professionals, metallurgical and ceramics companies, pharmacies, catering, kitchens and laboratories in general.

    JIPO Porcelain

    This brand is a distinguished Czech brand recognised for the high quality of its products in accordance with EN 1183 and ISO 1775 standards.

    The manufactured porcelain material is within the group C110 according to the Czech State Standard (CSN 60672-3 standard) and meets the parameters of the highest working requirements due to its high quality, good chemistry and heat resistance. Its composition is clay, quartz, and feldspar (3AL2O3. 2SiO2) .

    Technical properties
    High softening temperature, which makes it possible to work with:
    unglazed products can be used at temperatures of up to 2,462 °F (ca. 1,350 °C)
    glazed products at temperatures up to 1,832 °F (ca. 1,000 °C).

    Other technical properties:
    Density = 2.4 g/cm³
    Bending strength of unglazed products (70 MPa)
    Thermal conductivity (Wm-1 . K-1) = 1,3
    Resistance to alkalis, 99.96%.
    Resistance to acids, 99.99%.
    Hardness according to Mohs 7-8
    Tensile strength 400 Kp/cm²
    Compressive strength 3500 Kp/cm²
    Bending strength minimum 500 Kp/cm²
    Water absorption capacity 0%

    Data sheet

    Product Type
    Crucible Lid
    Accessory: Basic Laboratory
    74 mm Ø
    Enamelled / vitrified / glazed
    International Standards
    DIN 12904 - ISO 1772
    by Unit