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    Porcelain round-bottom evaporating dish of 100 ml and 90 mm in diameter

    100ml Porcelain Evaporating Dish, 90mm, Round Bottom


    Round bottom porcelain evaporation capsule with a capacity of 100 ml, 90 mm in diameter and 35 mm in height. It is fully glazed inside as well as the top spout and the base is unglazed.
    Working temperature up to, 2102 °F (1,150 °C)
    Available in different capacities and in round or flat bottom.

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    Round Bottom Laboratory Porcelain Capsules: 100 ml Capacity and 90 mm Diameter

    Laboratory porcelain is highly resistant to high temperatures but not resistant to put on fire or direct flame, so they are generally used with laboratory drying ovens. However, it can also be used with a Bunsen burner with the precaution of placing an insulated wire mesh between the flame and the container.  The evaporation capsule is used for the separation of solutions by evaporation through the application of heat and, reaching higher temperatures, is a support for carbonizing or melting substances and chemical compounds.

    It is used by jewellery and silverware professionals, metallurgical and ceramic companies, pharmacies, hotels, kitchens and laboratories in general.

    The porcelain is made of clay, quartz and feldspar (3AL2O3 . 2SiO2) and meets the parameters of the highest working demand for its high quality, good chemistry and heat resistance.

    Technical properties:
    High softening temperature, which allows working up to 1150 °C / 2,102 °F (ca. 1,150 °C)
    High mechanical resistance
    Low longitudinal thermal expansion

    Other technical properties:
    Density or specific weight = 2.3-2.5 g/cm³
    Thermal conductivity (Wm-1 . K-1) = 1.3
    Resistance to alkalis, 99.96%
    Resistance to acids, 99.99%.
    Hardness according to Mohs 7-8
    Tensile strength 400 Kp/cm²
    Compression resistance 3500 Kp/cm²
    Minimum bending strength 500 Kp/cm²
    Water absorption capacity 0%


    Data sheet

    Product Type
    Evaporation Dish
    100 ml
    Rim Shape
    Flat Finish with Spout
    Body Shape
    Cylindrical Shaped
    Height Shape
    Low Form - Shallow Form
    Bottom Shape
    Round Bottom
    35 mm
    90 mm Ø
    Enamelled / vitrified / glazed
    Glazed inside and glazed outside rim up to the peak
    by Unit