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    230 mm Cristallising Dishes with Spout, borosilicate glass

    230mm Cristallising Dishes with Spout


    Borosilicate glass crystalliser with spout and a diameter of 230 mm.
    Glass with high heat resistance and very good chemical resistance to water, salt solutions, acids, bases and organic solvents.
    The spout facilitates the transfer or pouring of the contents of the container.
    Academy brand with white silk-screen printing

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    230mm Glass Crystallising Basin

    A crystallizer is a wide, flat and low base laboratory container. Its main purpose is to crystallize the dissolved substance or solute of a solution from the evaporation of the solvent or solvent. The objective of the container form is that it has a wide base to allow greater evaporation of the liquid in which the substance is dissolved.
    Outer Diameter Top: 230 mm.

    Data sheet

    Product Type
    Crystallising Dish
    Borosilicate Glass
    3500 ml
    230 mm Ø
    110 mm
    230 mm Ø
    by Unit