4000 ml Flask, Round Bottom & Narrow Neck


Round-bottomed, narrow-bottomed spherical flask with a capacity of 4000 ml and made of borosilicate glass type 3.3.

Instrument for distillation and boiling processes, for the uniform heating of the substances it contains, for mixing substances, among other uses

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Product Type Spherical Flask, Round Bottom
Packaging & Containers Glass
Capacity 4000 ml
Colour Clear
Material Borosilicate Glass 3.3
Inner diameter neck 50 mm
Body 207 mm Ø
Body Shape Spherical Body
Bottom Form Round Bottom
Neck Forma Narrow Neck
Rim Form Beaded Rim
Graduation Ungraduated
Height 315 mm
Food grade Si
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Spherical Flask, Round Bottom, Narrow Neck of 4000 ml Capacity

Laboratory glass manufactured in the Czech Republic for SIMAX according to ISO 3585 and 7884-8

Basic laboratory equipment for schools, colleges and universities

General properties of borosilicate glass 3.3
This glass is distinguished by its very good chemical resistance to water, salt solutions, acids, bases and organic solvents. It is only attacked by hydrofluoric acid and, at high temperatures, by strong bases and phosphoric acid.

Pinza de acero inoxidable para matraces con recubrimiento térmico Sujetador para matraz de acero inoxidable 18/10Pinza con mordaza circular para facilitar el agarre del vaso o matrazAgarre máximo de 150 mm de diámetroRevestimiento de fibra de vidrio resistencia hasta 500°CMuy buena resistencia térmica

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Universal support made of white propylene plastic with good resistance to certain temperatures.Adequate base to hold securely and keep stable a round-bottomed container or round flask.The support has engraved in relief different diameters allowing them to adapt to different capacities of flasks, from 50 ml to 10000 ml or 10 liters.

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