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    1,000ml Spherical Flask, Round Bottom, 3 Necks 29/32

    1,000ml Spherical Flask, Round Bottom, 3 Necks 29/32


    1,000 ml round-bottomed flask with 3 parallel neck connections: 29/32 female standard ground-glass joint.
    Spherical bottom glass vessel with long narrow neck.
    Made of borosilicate glass ASTM E-438 Type 1, Boron 3.3 of the Glassco brand.
    Compliant with DIN 12394 & USP standard.
    The diameter of the balloon is 131 mm.
    See data sheet for dimensions.

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    1,000ml spherical flask with 3 parallel neck connections, 29/32

    Instrument for distillation and boiling processes, for the uniform scalding of the substances contained in it, for sweeping substances, among other uses. Useful instrument to form a laboratory equipment that adapts to the need of the process to be done.
    Made of borosilicate glass 3.3 of the Glassco brand.
    White silkscreen with writing area.

    General properties of borosilicate glass 3.3

    This glass is distinguished by its very good chemical resistance to water, salt solutions, acids, bases and organic solvents. It is only attacked by hydrofluoric acid and, at high temperatures, by strong bases and phosphoric acid.

    Chemical composition
    80.00% Silica; SiO2
    12.50% Boron trioxide; B2O3
    2.40% of Aluminium oxide; Al2O3
    3.80% of sodium oxide; Na2O
    1.00% of potassium oxide; K2O
    0.30% of iron oxide; Fe2O3

    Chemical resistance
    Hydrolytic according to DIN 12111 and ISO 719: Class 1
    Acid-resistant according to DIN 12116: Class 1
    Alkaline according to DIN 52322 and ISO 695: Class 2

    Physical properties:
    Coefficient of linear expansion: 3.3
    Processing temperature: 534° C
    Upper annealing temperature: 550° C
    Lower annealing temperature: 494° C
    Maximum working temperature: 500° C


    Data sheet

    Product Type
    Round Flask, Round Bottom
    Borosilicate Glass
    1,000 ml / 1 litre
    Neck Finish Recipient
    Ground-Glass Neck
    Inner diameter neck
    29 mm
    131 mm Ø
    Standard Ground-Glass Joint
    29/32 (3 outlets)
    Rim Shape
    Ground-Glass Joint
    Neck Shape
    Narrow Neck
    Body Shape
    Spherical Shaped
    Bottom Shape
    Round Bottom
    210 mm
    International Standards
    DIN 12394 & USP standard
    by Unit