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    10,000ml spherical reactor flask with 5 outlets (Glassco brand)

    10 Litres Reactor Flask, Round Bottom, 5 Outlets


    10,000 ml round-bottomed reaction flask with 5-neck ground glass lid and closing collar.
    Spherical, wide-mouth laboratory vessel with flat, frosted rim. The finish of the mouthpiece facilitates adaptation to the reactor lid. The closure is completed with a metal collar.
    The reactor lid has five frosted glass outlets, including two parallel outlets (29/32 and 14/23) and three inclined outlets (two 14/23 and one 29/32).

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    10 litre Spherical Reactor Flask with Lid of 5 Outlets, 29/32 and 14/23

    Instrument for distillation and boiling processes, for uniform heating of the substances contained therein, for mixing of substances, among others.
    Spherical, wide-mouthed, ground-glass laboratory vessel with a flat rim and a diameter of 100 mm. The finish of the mouth makes it easy to fit the reactor lid.  It is made of borosilicate glass. The outer diameter of the neck is 150 mm and the inner diameter is 100 mm.
    The reactor lid is made of borosilicate glass. It has a flat, grounded base with a diameter of 100 mm. It has five earthed outlets, consisting of two parallel outlets (29/32 and 14/23) and three inclined outlets (two 14/23 and one 29/32).
    The distribution on the cover is as follows:
    - Central outlet: 29/32
    - Parallel outlet: 14/23
    - 5° inclined outlet: 14/23
    - 10° inclined mouth: 14/23
    - 15° inclined mouth: 29/32
    The closure is completed by a stainless steel metal collar.

    General properties of borosilicate glass 3.3
    This glass is distinguished by its very good chemical resistance to water, salt solutions, acids, bases and organic solvents. It is only attacked by hydrofluoric acid and, at high temperatures, by strong bases and phosphoric acid.

    Data sheet

    Product Type
    Reactor Flask
    Borosilicate Glass
    10,000 ml / 10 litres
    Neck Finish Recipient
    Ground-Glass Neck
    Inner diameter neck
    100 mm
    290 mm Ø
    Standard Ground-Glass Joint
    29/32 & 14/23 (5 outlets)
    Neck Shape
    Wide Neck
    Body Shape
    Spherical Shaped
    Bottom Shape
    Round Bottom
    Height with cover / stopper
    460 mm
    Height without cover
    340 mm
    by Unit