40 mm Glass Funnel, Short Stem


Funnel manufactured according to ISO 4798 DIN 12445 in borosilicate glass 3.3. German-shaped 40 mm in diameter and with a capacity of 10 ml.

The short stem is 6 mm Ø and 40 mm long.
The angle of the cone is 60° inclination.

Especially indicated for use with our bottles DIN18 or 18 mm thread.

2,13 €

(1,76 € tax excl.)

Capacity 10 ml
Accessories Dropper Bottle / 18mm Neck Finish
Colour Clear
Material Borosilicate Glass 3.3
Diameter 40 mm Ø
Stem Mean 6 mm Ø
Immersion Tube Length 40 mm
Sale by Unit
Standards ISO 4798

Laboratory Glass Funnels of 40mm Ø & 6mm Ø Stem

Laboratory tool of conical shape and short tube.

The size of the pipe of this model makes it especially suitable for our bottles of 18 mm or DIN18 threaded in filling tasks.

The slope of the cone has a slope of 60 degrees allowing liquids and solutions to flow quickly. It's used to channel the manipulation of a liquid and to transfer liquids from one container to another in order to avoid the spillage of the solution. It's also an instrument that is used in the processes of separation and filtration by gravity of solids.

Manufactured according to ISO 4798 and DIN 12445 in borosilicate glass 3.3. The characteristics of boron glass are resistant to saline solutions, acids, bases and organic solvents. It is only attacked by hydrofluoric acid and, at high temperatures, by strong bases and phosphoric acid. It also has great resistance to thermal shock.

Soporte pie de plato 300x180 mm y con varilla 600x12 mm

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15,16 €

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5,32 €

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