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Analogue Heating Mat in Battery, 4x250ml

Analogue Heating Mat in Battery, 4×250ml


Heating mat with 4 heating racks for 250 ml flasks
This laboratory equipment from Nahita Blue is an indispensable tool for distillation, evaporation, extraction or boiling processes.
Each position includes vertical rods, a horizontal rod and a clamp, which offers great flexibility of configuration and use.
More information in the description and data sheet.

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Laboratory heating mat for 4 x 250 ml flasks

This device offers analogue temperature control in its four working positions, allowing precise temperature adjustment and enabling continuous operation.

The temperature is adjustable from room temperature range up to 350 °C, with a maximum temperature of 450 °C.

Its design makes it an ideal choice for the placement of Soxhlet extractors, ensuring efficient and accurate performance in heating processes.

It is delivered with the following accessories together with the equipment:
- 3 × rods
- 6 × double nuts
- 2 × rod holders
- 4 × clamps
- Standard Schuko mains cable
- User manual.

Data sheet

Product Type
Heating Mantle
250 ml
Without Stirring
Temperature Range
Ambient, 5°C to 350 °C
Maximum and minimum temperature
Number Positions
4 Stirring Positions
Power Supply
220V 50-60Hz
Power / Consumption
180 W