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    500ml Graduated Plastic Wash Bottle

    500ml Graduated Plastic Wash Bottle


    Graduated Plastic Wash: narrow-necked plastic bottle with integrated, sloping tube and capacity of 500 ml.
    Made of high density polyethylene plastic, HDPE.
    Graduated relief container with screw cap. The graduation is permanent.
    The outlet tube made of rigid plastic with an oblique angle and a length of 100 mm, and it integrated in the bottle.
    For use with foodstuffs.

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    500ml plastic wash bottle with graduation

    This container is used in the laboratory to provide a liquid product for accurate work and to control the direction of pouring and dosing.
    It is commonly used to clean laboratory instruments with distilled water or other solvents.
    Important: Do not alter the contents or the original liquid used. It should only be opened to be refilled with the same product.

    Data sheet

    Plastic polyethylene, HDPE
    Packaging & Containers
    500 ml
    72 mm Ø
    207 mm
    Moulded scale
    Scaling intervals
    50 ml
    Tamper-Evident Seal
    without Tamper-Evident Seal
    Outlet Tube
    Curved Plastic
    by Unit