Digital pH meter 907


Digital pH-meter 907

Range 0-14pH
Range mV ± 1999.9mv
Range temperature 0-100°C
Resolution temperature 1°C
Accuracy pH ± 0.02 pH
Accuracy mV ± 1 mV
Automatic Temperature Compensation: ATC range 0-100°C ± 0.1pH
RS232 - Software

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Product Type Laboratory pH Meter
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Laboratory digital ph-meter

pH-meter 907 is a digital bench-top instrument based on microprocessor technology and conceived to perform pH, electrode potential (mV) and temperature measurements in several fields of application as universities, research institutes, environmental analysis, chemical or petroleum industry, etc.

Among the main features it is worth noting:

Large back-lit LCD display that shows simultaneously pH (or mV) and temperature values of the measured solution.

Functions of automatic temperature compensation, automatic calibration and automatic calculation of the theoretical slope of the electrode.

Possibility of measuring the electrode potential with ion-selective electrodes and oxy-reduction potential (ORP) with ORP electrodes.

Automatic calibration in 1 or 2 points with possibility of manual adjustment.

Possibility of measuring pH value of pure and ultrapure water with pure water electrodes by adjusting the isopotential point.

The results can be saved, deleted, displayed or printed; at most 50 sets of data of pH or mV can be saved.

Provided with 2 print modes; print of the measurement in course or print of saved data
Protection against electricity cuts off; saved data and parameters are kept.

With RS232 interface for connection to TP-16 printer or PC

MODEL 903 907
Range pH 0 a 14.00 pH
Range mV ±1999 mV
Range Temperature - 0 a 100°C
Display range of pH value - -2.00 a 18.00 pH
Resolution pH 0.01 pH
Resolution mV 1 mV
Resolution temperature - 0.1 ºC
Accuracy of electronic unit pH ±0.02 pH ± 1 bit
Accuracy of electronic unit mV ±1 mV ±1 bit
Accuracy of electronic unit temp. - ± 0.5°C ±1 bit (0.0-60.0°C)
± 1°C ±1 bit (60.1-100 0°C)
Automatic Temperature compensation Manual Automatic
ATC range 0-60°C (± 0.01pH) 0-100°C (± 0.01pH))
Electronic input impedance 1x1012? ? 1x1012?
Stability ± 0.01pH ±1 bit/3h
Calibration 1 o 2 points
RS232 - RS232 and software
Power supply AC (220±22) V / (50±1) Hz 220±22 AC/9V
Dimensions (LxWxH) 290x210x95 mm 290x200x70 mm
Weight 1,5 Kg 1 Kg

Electrodo para pH metro con cuerpo de vidrio.Temperatura de trabajo 5-60°CDiafragma cerámico y membrana esférica.El electrolito es de líquido rellenable.Medidas 12x148 mm.

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