Battery and antifreeze refractometer CAT


CAT Handheld Battery and Antifreeze Refractometer

For measuring the freezing point of propylene glycol and ethylene glycol based antifreeze and the condition of battery electrolyte solutions.

Automatic temperature compensation.

3 scales:

  •     1.15 - 1.30 Kg/l SG battery charge.
  •     -50°C to 0°C ethylene glycol and propylene glycol

116,16 €

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Product Type Batteries-Antifreeze Hand-held Refractometer
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Hand-held refractometer that, in a simple and comfortable way, provides the necessary information to know the freezing point of the liquid and the density in batteries. All this, by means of a precise optical, light and handy instrument that can be used anywhere without maintenance or previous knowledge.

Supplied in plastic case with sampling pipettes, case, screwdriver, rubber blinkers and rubber grip.

Approx. dimensions 30x40x200mm

3 scales range:

  •     1.15-1.30 Kg/l density - 0.01 Kg/l graduation.
  •     -50°C to 0°C Freezing point antifreeze PG- graduation 5°C

Metal body

CAT: Automatic temperature compensation

PG antifreeze liquid is based on Polyethylene glycol.

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