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    Optical Refractometer 0-90% Brix, 2 Scales: 0 to 42% Brix, 42 to 71 % Brix and 71 to 90% Brix

    Optical Refractometer 0-90% Brix, 2 Scales


    Hand-held 3-scale refractometer with a wide measuring range from 0 to 90% Brix with automatic temperature compensation (CAT/ATC).
    It's made of aluminium with attached thermometer and dioptrically compensated eyepiece.
    Scale intervals with subdivisions of 0.2% :
    0 42% Brix
    42 - 71 % Brix
    71 - 90% Brix

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    Hand-held refractometer with 3% Brix scale

    Aluminium refractometer which, in a simple and practical way, gives you the necessary information to know the percentage of salt (sodium chloride), the salinity, the density of salt or the concentration of salt in a solution. Weight 600 g and dimensions: 37x34x200 mm.
    Optical, precise, light and handy instrument. It can be used anywhere, without maintenance or previous knowledge.
    Automatic temperature compensation (CAT/ATC). Equipped with an additional light inlet for optimal illumination of the sample and a thermometer for sample temperature.
    Supplied in a padded case with sample pipettes, screwdriver and dioptre-compensated eyepiece.

    Data sheet

    Product Type
    3 Scales Refractometer
    Hand held - 3 scales
    Automatic Temperature Compensation
    Brix Scale - Measurement range
    0 to 42 / 42 to 71 / 71 to 90 % Brix
    Graduation range Brix
    0.2 %Brix
    by Unit