3000g Precision Balance 5161 0.1g


Electronic laboratory balance with a maximum capacity of 3000 g and an legibility of 0.1 g It has automatic calibration by means of a weight included.

Large stainless steel plate of 143x192 mm that allows to carry out large weighing.
Easy and comfortable use through a wide LCD display with a key to change the weighing unit.
Power adapter included.

104,06 €

(86,00 € tax excl.)

Product Type Precision Balance Accuracy 0.1 g
Modelo Electronic
Capacity, max. 3000 g
Calibration Automatic by external weight, not included
Weighing Pan Size 143x192 mm, Stainless Steel
Adjustable Weight Units g, kg, ct, T, TAR, dr, PKT, GN, TMR, gsm, tlJ, mo, dwt, oz, lb, tlT, ozt, tlH, %
Draft Shield No
Calibration Weight 2000 g
Power Supply AC110-220V Adapter, 50/60Hz
Display LCD
Dimensions 280x180x80 mm
Sale by Unit

Electronic laboratory balance with a maximum capacity of 3000g and legibility of 0.1g

Basic balance that offers all essential functions and solid performance. The housing is made of plastic with adjustable threaded feet. The dimensions of 280×180×80 mm and with a large square plate of 143×192 mm in stainless steel allow work with instruments and large parts of the laboratory.

Measuring instrument with high-precision load sensor and with wide options of measurement units to be selected: g, Kg, ct, T, TAR,dr, PKT, GN TMR, gsm, tLJ, mo, oz, dwt, lb, tIT, ozt, tIH, %. The default weighing unit is grams.

The backlit LCD display is easy to read with 20 mm numeric digits. Visible battery status indicator. In case of overload, "---------" will be displayed, so it is recommended to remove the object immediately to avoid damage to the instrument.

The panel is easy to operate by means of 4 keys:

  •     ON/OF: on/off
  •     COU: parts counting function according to configuration
  •     UNIT: weight unit selector with 19 options
  •     TARE/CAL: With a double function, tare, to give 0 to the weight value, as well as to carry out the calibration by means of an external 200 g weight not included.

Power is supplied by a built-in rechargeable battery with an adapter included as standard. It can work with or without an adapter, it has a key in the lower part of the lock that works with a power adapter, or unlock that works with a charged integrated battery, in case the battery is not charged it is necessary to plug the adapter.

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