Natural styling laboratory brush nº 0


Natural bristle brush laboratory nº 0

Cylindrical brush for the cleaning of the indicated laboratory material, among others, for:

Flasks and test tubes of 5 ml and 10 ml
Test tubes up to 12x20 mm
25 and 50 ml Erlenmeyer flask

Diameter 15 mm
Length 60 mm
Overall length 290 mm

2,78 €

(2,30 € tax excl.)

Colour Translucent
Material Galvanized Wire & Pig Hair
Diameter 15 mm Ø
Length - Long 290 mm
Length of Brush Bristles 60 mm
Instrumental Lab Brush, Natural Bristles
Sale by Unit

Laboratory Cleaning Brushes

Laboratory brushes are specific cleaning utensils for glass or plastic laboratory equipment.

Brushes for school, food and beverage industry, pharmacy or laboratory use. These brushes are sold individually.

Laboratory brushes can be natural bristle brushes or nylon hair brushes. The shape of the brush is cylindrical to facilitate the hygiene of the laboratory instruments.

These brushes are especially suitable for specimens, test tubes, centrifuge tubes, bottles and flasks, funnels, burettes, pipettes, spherical flasks, spherical, Erlenmeyer, Kitasato, Imhoff cones and other glass instruments in general.

White natural stick brush

CE Origin
Galvanized wire handle
Pig and horse hairbrush

The brush handle is made of galvanized steel wire. The handle is long and flexible. The end of the brush has a ring to hang.
The tip of the brush ends in a brush to access all corners of the container and avoid scratching the material during washing.

Model Diameter Length Hair Length Total Brush
0 15 mm 60 mm 290 mm
2 24 mm 70 mm 290 mm
4 40 mm 80 mm 370 mm
6 55 mm 100 mm 470 mm
7 65 mm 120 mm 520 mm
Pipette 22 mm 70 mm 480 mm
Capillary pipette 8 mm 60 mm 420 mm
Burette 30 mm 90 mm 600 mm
Tracheal cannula 12 mm 70 mm 280 mm

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