Plastic-Coated Drainer 50 Tips


White plasticized steel laboratory drainer. Has a soft plastic end-caps to protect containers, containers and instruments that are placed to dry from scratches and impacts.

Capacity of 55 places
Can be used hanging on the wall or on a table top
Includes bottom tray for water collection
Dimensions 670x360x150 mm

74,05 €

(61,20 € tax excl.)

Product Type Lab Drying Rack
Colour White
Material PVC Coated Steel
Height 670 mm
Width 150 mm
Length - Long 360 mm
Instrumental Lab Drying Rack
Sale by Unit

Wall and Tabletop Laboratory Drainer

This practical and basic laboratory element is used in cleaning processes. Used for draining containers and instruments. The capacity is 55 places and will depend on the size and shape of the containers that will allow a greater or lesser number of pieces to be placed.

This model can be used on a table or hanging on the wall. The drainer is completed with a tray for the collection of water.

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