Bunsen Burner


Laboratory burner for natural gas with gas and air flow regulation valves.

The increase or decrease of air/gas allows to adjust the intensity of the flame depending on the work process to be carried out: gradual and progressive heating or having a strong flame that allows a fast increase of the temperature.
Height 160 mm

41,81 €

(34,55 € tax excl.)

Product Type Lab Burner
Colour Steel Color
Material Chromed Steel
Base 75 mm Ø
Height 167 mm
Instrumental Lab Burner
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Bunsen Burner for Laboratory

Basic instrument for equipping chemical, scientific, pharmaceutical, health, food and research laboratories.
The burner is used to heat, sterilize, bring to boiling temperature or incinerate substances.

The Bunsen burner for natural gas has an air and gas flow regulating tap through which it allows the optimum mixing of air and gas.
The burner is connected to the gas supply by means of a serrated conical metal joint.

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