5000 ml Plastic Measuring Jug


5000 ml Plastic low-form beaker with handle and spout or measuring jug made of semi-transparent polypropylene. Permanently moulded graduation up to 5000 ml in graduation intervals of 250 ml

Food grade container

16,94 €

(14,00 € tax excl.)

Capacity 5000 ml
Colour Translucent
Material PP Plastic
Body Shape Cylindrical body with Handle
Bottom Form Flat bottom
Height Form Low Form - Shallow Form
Rim Form Flat Finish with Spout
Graduation Moulded scale
Height 225 mm
Graduation ranges 250 ml
Diameter 190 mm Ø
Food grade Si
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5000ml Plastic PP Measuring Jug

Made of durable polypropylene material for safe to use, according to ISO 6706 and BS 5404 standards. Food use. Comfort design because this measuring beaker have a handle to upgrade the comfort of operation.

Low-shaped container with a spout that facilitates the handling of liquids. Useful meter for any process where measurement and dosage of liquids is required. Extensive use in laboratory, for chemical experiment, or in kitchen for measuring anything other liquid.

Jug with a clear permanent graduation in graduation intervals of 250 ml.

Corrosion resistance: chemically resistant to most acids, alkalis and many common solvents.

Maximum use temperature 121°C (maximum 20 minutes). Allows sterilization by autoclave, gas and disinfectant.

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