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High-definition halogen moisture analyser for samples with touch screen and automatic calibration

Halogen Humidity Analyser for Samples


High-definition halogen humidity analyser with touch screen and automatic calibration
Equipment with a maximum analysis capacity of 100 g sample.
The resolution of the equipment is 0.001 g (0.01%).
The repeatability of the readings is 3 g (0.02-0.1%).
The diameter of the plate is Ø100 mm.
The temperature range from 50 °C to 180 °C
The time range allows a range from 0 min to 99 min.
The optimum working temperature is 10 to 40 °C.
Power supply is 220 V - 50 Hz.
The power of the equipment is 350 W
More information in the description and datasheet.

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Halogen Humidity Analyser for Samples

A laboratory instrument designed to determine the moisture content of various substances by the application of heat. It operates using a high-efficiency halogen lamp. These lamps emit light and heat and are efficient at heating quickly and uniformly, allowing the water present in the sample to evaporate.

The heating process and continuous measurements are performed until equilibrium is reached and a constant value of mass (humidity) is obtained. This constant weighing (or measurement) allows calculation of the weight loss of the sample as the water evaporates. The difference in weight before and after the heating process is used to determine the moisture content of the sample. This value is expressed as a percentage of the initial weight of the sample.

The equipment offers precise temperature control during the analysis process thanks to its automatic calibration function using standard weights, which ensures accurate and reliable measurements. This is essential to avoid sample spoilage and ensure accurate results.

This equipment offers a simple and intuitive user experience featuring a high-definition touch screen, a silent opening and an RS232 port allowing connection to a printer for report generation. 

It is equipped with a level gauge and two adjustable feet, ensuring stability even on slightly uneven surfaces. Its technical specifications offer a maximum weighing capacity of 100 g, with a resolution of 0.001 g or 0.01%, and an accurate repeatability of 0.02-0.1%. The temperature range is from 50 °C to 180 °C, with an adjustable analysis time from 0 minutes to 99 minutes and automatic end time control.

Capable of measuring humiidity contents up to 100%, its Ø100 mm weighing pan and high-efficiency halogen lamp ensure accurate and efficient results. This equipment is automatically calibrated with a 100 g weight and is supplied with accessories including additional weights, fuses, stainless steel plate, metal clamp, cloth and a complete user manual.

The power supply is 220 V - 50 Hz, with a power of 350 W, ensuring optimum performance in a working environment with temperatures between 10-40 °C.

Data sheet

100 mm Ø
Working Temperature
10 °C to 40 °C
Temperature Range
50°C to 180°C
0.001 g
1 – 99 min
± 0.001 g
3 kg
Power Supply
220 V ±10%, 50 Hz ±1 Hz
Power / Consumption
350 W