Microhematocrit Capillary Tubes with Heparin


Micro-haematocrit glass capillary tubes with heparin for blood tests and 75 µl capacity

Cannula open on both sides
Manufactured according to DIN ISO 12772
With CE marking, best-before date and batch number
Box of 100 units

3,93 €

(3,25 € tax excl.)

Product Type Capillary Tubes & Accessories
Capacity 75 µl
Colour Clear
Material High Grade Quality Glass
Length - Long aprox. 75 mm ±0,5 mm
Inner Diameter 1,1 -1,2 mm Ø
External Diameter 1,5 -1,6 mm Ø
Wall Thickness 0,275 ± 0,025 mm
Heparin Sodium-heparinized (80 iu/ml ± 30%)
Sale Box of 100 units
Standards DIN ISO 12 772

Micro-haematocrit Capillary Tubes with Heparin for Blood Tests

Manufactured from high quality EU glass of the Marienfeld Superior brand.

Heparinized with sodium (80 iu/ml ± 30 %). Approved for in-vitro diagnostic applications according to IVD 98/79/Ec: with CE marking, best-before date and batch number for general information and traceability

The color-coded end is fire-polished to reduce centrifuge wear for single use.

Micro-haematocrit capillary tubes are used for blood collection and centrifugation. Close the tests afterwards with wax filling and centrifuge. If this is not possible, sodium heparinized capillaries are recommended to delay blood clotting. Sodium heparinization is applied as a thin, homogeneous layer in the tube. This promotes the immediate dissolution of the heparin in the blood and prevents coagulation.

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