Single Channel Fixed Volume Pipette, 1000 µl


1000 μl fixed volume professional automatic pipette, single channel, Digipette brand.

Comfortable, ergonomic and precise instrument with volume adjustment system: click-stop mechanism

Including a calibration certificate according to ISO 8655 with individual serial number

It has a colour code by volume for easy identification: blue

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Product Type Automatic Pipette, Single Channel Fixed Volume
Capacity 1000 µl
Peso 85 g
Colour code Blue
Sterilization Sterilizable by Autoclave
Calibration Individual calibration certificate according to ISO 8655
Volume Test 1000 µl
Inaccuracy ± 0,3%
Imprecission ± 0,15%
Food grade Si
Sale by Unit
Standards ISO 8655

1000μl Professional automatic fixed volume pipette, 1000 microliters

Single channel Digipette pipette with a lightweight ergonomic design that reduces effort and prevents fatigue over long periods of work. Weight approximately 85 g.

The shape is specially designed to fit the hand and it is possible to use both hands indistinctly.

The contact area with the hand is made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) to guarantee minimum heat transfer during use and ensure high precision even during long periods of work. The touch is comfortable and soft.

High precision in pipetting by clic-stop mechanism. Smooth plunger activation, offering less resistance and reducing stress.

The tip is shaped to facilitate liquid aspiration in narrow and deep containers.

Includes tip ejector system for smooth tip disposal without risk of sample and user contamination.

The tip filter is durable, shock and corrosion resistant to chemical agents

This instrument has an ISO 8655 calibration certificate included and the individual serial number.

Holder for 6 Digipette brand automatic pipettes. Stand made of acrylic material in a rectangular shape for tabletop

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Puntas para pipetas volumen variable 100-1.000 µl Pipeta tipo universalCompatibilidad:Kartell®, Gilson®, Eppendorf®, Socorex®,Nichiryo®, Biohit®, Brand®, Hamilton® Bolsa de 1.000 unidadesColor azulFabricadas en polipropilenoAutoclavablesNo estériles

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