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    30ml Aluminium Bottle and 24 mm Screw Black Trigger Spray

    30ml Aluminium Bottle & 24mm Trigger Spray


    30ml Aluminum Screw Bottle with Plastic Mini Trigger Spray and Safety Lock

    Waterproof, recyclable, flame retardant and corrosion resistant container. This bottle and cap combination is perfect for products that require application with a little more direction and uniformity.

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    30 ml Aluminium Bottle with 24 mm Screw Mini Trigger Spray with Safety Locking System

    The bottle comes with a 24 mm black plastic trigger spray with an easy-to-use lock that prevents accidental use during transport. The spray head allows the end user to dispense the product inside with a fine mist and even application.

    They are very practical for packaging air fresheners in sprays, disinfectants, cleaning products, sunscreens, hair treatment products, among many others...

    Besides being a very light material, it provides a great protection of the content during long periods of time from the entrance of oxygen and light, thus extending the shelf life of the products. It is a reusable container, easy to disassemble and refill.

    Easy to recycle, environmentally friendly and fully customizable according to brand needs. The simplistic shape and smooth sides offer the perfect canvas for your company branding and labeling.

    Available in different capacities.

    Data sheet

    Product Type
    Trigger Spray Bottle
    Packaging & Containers
    30 ml
    Neck Finish Recipient
    Screw 24 mm Ø
    Inner diameter neck
    19 mm
    32 mm Ø
    Height with cover / stopper
    76 mm
    Height without cover
    75 mm
    Hand Trigger Sprayer
    Closing Cap
    Reference includes cover
    Tamper-Evident Seal
    without Tamper-Evident Seal
    Inner Shape of the Cover / Inner Disc
    EPE Inner Disc
    Closure Profile
    Enamelled / vitrified / glazed
    Untreated interior
    10 g
    by Unit