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15ml Clear Airless Bottle, White Over-Cap

15ml Clear Airless Dispenser Bottle, White Over-Cap


Airless plastic bottle of 15 ml capacity in transparent and white colour with lid
Empty containers designed for cosmetics, ideal for storing creams, serums, gels and oils, among others.
Facilitates accurate and convenient dosing of the contents quickly.
Provides a professional presentation for your exclusive products.
More information in the description and technical data sheet.

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Airless bottle 15 mL capacity

The contents of this container are administered by means of a differential pressure system that generates an internal vacuum, facilitating the dispensing of the contained product. It incorporates a piston that establishes a hermetic seal; when activated, it propels the product upwards, allowing its complete expulsion without allowing the entry or exit of air.

The airless design acts as a protective barrier, preventing contamination by preventing air ingress, thus preserving the integrity of the contents. In this way, items packaged with this system exhibit extended shelf life and maintain their original quality for longer, as they are protected against alteration or discolouration caused by oxidation when in contact with oxygen.

This bottle is made of robust plastics that provide strength and transparency to the container:
— Plunger, cap and base: made from styrene acrylonitrile styrene (SAN) plastic.
— Bottle tube: made of polypropylene plastic (PP).

Data sheet

Product Type
Laboratory Dispenser
Polypropylene Plastic PP
Packaging & Containers
15 ml
White - Transparent
Neck Finish Recipient
Rosca 19.5 Ø
Inner diameter neck
11 mm Ø
33,5 mm Ø
Brimful capacity
15 ml
Height with cover / stopper
100 mm
Height without cover
94 mm
Dispensing pump
Closing Cap
Reference includes cover
Tamper-Evident Seal
without Tamper-Evident Seal
Inner Shape of the Cover / Inner Disc
EPE Inner Disc
Closure Profile
Smooth Wall
40 g
by Unit