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Oval Bottle 30ml Amber 18mm Atomizer Silver Bulb Pump.

Oval Bottle 30ml Amber 18mm Atomizer Silver Bulb Pump


Oval amber glass bottle with narrow neck and 18 mm screw cap with 30 ml capacity atomiser bulb pump silver
The spray bulb allows the dispersion of small amounts of liquid into fine droplets. It is crucial that the density of the contents is not too high to avoid clogging the cap.  
This container is ideal for the application of perfumes, fragrances, cosmetic liquids and other items.
The reference provides the lid without security seal.
More information in the description and datasheet.

The closures, covers, caps, stoppers and plugs in our shop are only guaranteed to be watertight with our containers, vials, bottles and jars.

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Oval amber glass bottle with atomizer bulb pump cap silver, 30 ml capacity

Attractive, hard-wearing bottle made of dark soda-lime glass that protects its contents from light. The colour is mass-coloured, not painted, which ensures that the colouring and saturation remains even after washing.

The rubber and fabric lined vaporiser has an airtight, threaded, unsealed seal. The immersion tube has a standard length to adapt to any capacity of our bottles, being necessary to adjust its length according to the height of the container.

The spray bulb is characterised by its ability to spray small quantities of liquid in extremely fine droplets, making it particularly useful in a variety of applications. It is essential to consider that the density of the contents should not be excessive to avoid clogging the lid and to ensure optimum performance.

This versatile container is designed to package a variety of products, such as perfumes, fragrances, cosmetic liquids and other similar fluids. 

We offer bottles in a variety of capacities, as well as a wide range of glass shapes, threads and colours.

Data sheet

Product Type
Spray Pump Bottle
Soda Lime Glass Type III
Packaging & Containers
30 ml
Neck Finish Recipient
Screw 18 mm Ø
Neck Shape
Narrow Neck
Body Shape
Pear Shaped
Bottom Shape
Flat bottom
Height with cover / stopper
110 mm
Bulb Spray
Closing Cap
Reference includes cover
41 mm
80 g