28 Fields Glass Compressor for Trichina


Fields Glass Compressor for the analysis and detection of Trichinella in meat from domestic pigs, horses and wild boars, among other animals.
Veternary, laboratory or farm use

Calcium soda glass plate: length 230 mm and width 50 mm
28 Trichina fields, field size 25x12 mm
Screen-printed fields in white

23,60 €

(19,50 € tax excl.)

Packaging & Containers Glass
Colour Clear
Material Soda–Lime–Silica Glass
Graduation Colour printed scale
Graduation color White
Graduation ranges 28 fields of 25x12 mm
Width 50 mm
Length - Long 230 mm

Compressorium glass with 28 fields for meat inspection

This glass compressor plate is composed of 2 superimposed plates of flat calcium soda glass of 6 mm each and one of them one of them is divided into a equal counting chamber with 28 fields.

The plates are joined by two brass screws with two silicone washers.

The lower plate is screen-printed with the fields numbered in white.

It is supplied in an individual cardboard box.

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